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Flavorful, Exquisite, Extraordinarily Delicious...

HNG Eats, is a catering company that serves the New York Tri-State market by creating custom menus to fit each client’s unique taste.  We provide a range of food options that can service a diverse clientele, including West Indian and Southern cuisine.  Each dish is made from love to perfection and an exquisite taste.  In addition, our menus can be changed to service anyone with food allergies if notified.  We service multiple platforms, from weddings and corporate lunches to private dinners. 


We are a black-owned business that is hospitality-focused, dedicated to excellence, and highly determined to make your next event a success.


Chef Esau Mohammed is a young and innovative cook from Brooklyn. His passion for cooking expanded from childhood as he watched his mother cook at home. Mohammed received multiple opportunities to fuel his passion for cooking at school events and friends’ parties in his early years. He quickly learned his passion for creating dishes that people love and enjoy there. With the support of his loving family, he decided to pursue his dreams in culinary. His favorite cuisine is Caribbean, which is the root of his background and nationality. Cooking is more than just a career or hobby; to Chef Mohammed, it is the pathway to happiness. “Food is an experience to make a person smile. All great meals are created to capture that image.”

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